Research data management

Creating a Data Management Plan

This video outlines how to create a Data Management Plan using the Curtin DMP Tool.

Data management plans

A Data Management Plan (DMP) is a document outlining how you intend to handle your data as you perform your research.

A DMP may ask you to consider things such as:

  • What type of data you will collect
  • How and where you’ll store that data
  • Who will have access to it
  • How you’ll address any legislative requirements​
  • Any agreements about ownership of the data between collaborators
  • How, where and when you’ll share your data at the end of the project

Managing the data over the whole project is very important for the success of your research and having a plan on how you’ll manage that data is equally important. Having a good DMP will also help ensure all of the elements of research data FAIRness are present - Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability and Reusability.

Curtin considers this data management plan process to be so important that completing a DMP is a required for anyone seeking to:

  • Commence a higher degree by research (HDR)
  • Obtain ethics approval for human or animal research
  • Obtain access to the Research Drive

The DMP Tool linked below will help you create a DMP and update it when needed; it will also allow supervisors to review and check the plan and request the creation of R: drives for students.

  • Creating a Data Management Plan
    This video covers how to create a DMP at Curtin.

  • Curtin Research Data Management Planning Tool
    The Curtin DMP tool guides the process of creating a research data management plan and ensures that important aspects of research data management are explored at the start of a research project.

  • Data Management Plan workshop
    This 1 hour hands-on session will help researchers create their data management plan using the Curtin DMP tool. It is particularly aimed at research staff and students who are preparing for their candidacy or ethics applications and is relevant for all disciplines and fields.

  • DMP Advice Tool
    This tool outlines areas of possible concern that may arise in your research that should be addressed in a DMP.

DMP Tool Help and Example DMPs

The DMP Tool Help document gives assistance on common issues for researchers and supervisors using the tool.

The examples are fictitious DMPs in the faculties of Science and Engineering, Health Sciences, Business & Law, Humanities, Centre for Aboriginal Studies and the Vice-Chancellory, which may provide assistance.

Funder requirements

Research funding bodies are concerned with obtaining the best outcomes for the research they fund. One of the ways they do this is by ensuring that researchers have a plan for their data throughout the whole research process.

An example of this is the Australian Research Council (ARC) - a key funding body of fundamental and applied research in Australia. Since 2020, the ARC has required funding applications for National Competitive Grants to have a completed data management plan before the project starts - this is to ensure that researchers are addressing the responsibilities as outlined in the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research 2018.

It’s important to note that for most grants the ARC does not require you to submit a full, detailed DMP for assessment. However, you will need to have one in place before the start of the project and provide it to the ARC when requested.

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