For HDR students who have completed Milestone 1 and are ready to write large chunks of their theses.Three-day writing events that include goal setting, accountability and motivation from other participants. Join us, and write up to 20,000 words in three days!

Dates for 2024 (find out about Noongar seasons)

  • Djeran boot camp: 3-5 April
  • Makuru boot camp: 19-21 June
  • Djilba boot camp: 3-5 September
  • Kambarang boot camp: 20-22 November

Information on how to apply is sent to all HDR students via email; places are limited. See participants in a previous boot camp below, which shows face-to-face and online students celebrating their word count goals with paper crowns. The crowns are also tasty as proven by one of the online attendee’s pet rabbit :-)


Thesis Boot Camp attendee (April 2021, Faculty of Science & Engineering)

Although these two days were tiring, the camp helped me to realise that I was capable of writing a huge amount of words within a short period of time. Thanks again for organizing this thesis boot camp. It was amazing to work with a group of HDR students throughout these two days, thanks everyone for coming together and writing thesis drafts together. I hope to see you all somewhere again in the future.

… and here are other attendees explaining what they liked best about Thesis Boot Camp:

  • Encouragement and support
  • Dedicated, structured time to do nothing but write.
  • …that everyone is working towards a similar target.
  • Connection with and support from other students to write my thesis.
  • The philosophy of writing, writing, writing without going back for editing. After seeing the number of written words I was able to achieve, I got more encouraged to keep writing.
  • Motivation from facilitator and other participants. Commitment to the time to write.