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For HDR students and researchers who would like to get more writing done, in an inspiring group setting (with chocolates!).

Sign up via the Library’s workshop calendar for in-person or online sessions, or just come along!


Jack F., PhD student, Faculty of Health Sciences

The Shut Up & Work sessions are fantastic for getting a large amount of work completed in a supportive and ‘community-driven environment’. I am able to stay incredibly focused and productive, and these session have quickly become an essential and necessary part of my PhD journey.

Rachel, PhD student, Faculty of Humanities

I love having dedicated time set aside each week to focus on my research with minimal distractions, surrounded by a supportive and empathetic cohort of fellow HDR students. Having attended numerous sessions across several months, I have observed a significant improvement in my ability to produce high-quality work in these sessions, engaging more deeply far more quickly with the task(s) at hand. Best of all, I have met several new friends through my participation at these sessions, and have gained a much broader view of the research and projects being undertaken at Curtin, helping to solidify my sense of purpose and community at the university.

B. Lim, PhD student, Faculty of Science & Engineering

Thank you very much for organising the Shut Up & Work program. I have attended multiple sessions, and I am proud to say that I was very productive and managed to create and continue a good momentum of writing. My productivity is boosted when I change the environment I work in and especially when I am surrounded by inspiring people. Having to think about the goals for the session and letting others know about them makes me more accountable to finish as much as possible. Sometimes, I get more done than I planned, which is awesome! The facilitator is great; she understands what HDR students are going through, is full of positive energy and shares useful productivity tips.

Anonymous PhD student, Faculty of Humanities

The Shut Up & Work sessions have become an anchor for my writing. When experiencing dips in motivation or doubts about my project, coming in each week to participate in a session is a way to stay grounded, to either start fresh on something, or work through something I’m stuck on. It’s also been really positive to work around other students and have that community connection. I’m in the later years of my PhD now and doing a lot of writing. I’ve been quite isolated so attending is a way to both progress my writing and also get into a better mindset by connecting with others. Thank you so much to all involved in putting on the sessions, I cannot emphasise strongly enough how beneficial they have been and how much closer I am to completing my PhD as a result.