Legal research

Online reference works

Define legal terms or begin your search on a legal topic with secondary sources to find an outline and details of important legislation and cases.

Halsbury’s Laws of Australia (Lexis+)

This encyclopaedia is organised by subject Titles and covers all nine Australian jurisdictions. Statements of legal principles and propositions are supported by references to cases and legislation. Lexis Nexis categorises Halsbury’s as ‘commentary’.

Laws of Australia (Westlaw AU)

This encyclopaedia provides statements of each principle of Australian law. The principles are illustrated with examples, usually the leading case/s or legislation.

Encyclopaedic Australian legal dictionary (Lexis+)

Select the Search option and search for a defined term e.g ‘offer and acceptance ‘ or a more detailed search, to find a definition and case references and/or legislation.

Australian Legal Words & Phrases (Lexis+)

Provides words and phrases defined in legislation or judicially interpreted in the Australian superior courts and selected tribunals. Details of where the word or phrase has been defined is also provided along with the context in which it is defined.

Australian encyclopaedia of forms and precedents (Lexis+)

Contains over 4,000 legal forms and precedents from 93 areas of law. Primary areas include: Corporations; Sale of Business; Real Property; Family Law; Wills; Intellectual Property; and Employment. Secondary areas include the Sale of Goods; Shipping; Minerals & Energy; Sport; Civil Aviation; Clubs & Societies; Charities; Trusts; Powers of Attorney; and many more.

Western Australian law almanac (Legal Practice Board of WA)

Contains judicial and other appointments to various Western Australian courts, tribunals and statutory offices related to the administration of law in the State. Contains a directory of Certificated Legal Practitioners and a Roll of Practitioners.

Halsbury’s Laws of England

Halsbury’s “provides the only comprehensive narrative statement of the law of England and Wales, containing law derived from every source.” and is updated regularly. It is also classified as ‘commentary’.