Legal research

Books and eBooks

Books and textbooks (including eBooks) are good secondary sources to begin your search on aspects of law. They will also refer to relevant legislation and cases.

Search the catalogue with the title of a book in your reading list or keywords for the broad area of law and the jurisdiction e.g. torts and Australia; negligence and Australia; land tenure and Australia.

The Western Australian Law Handbook

The Western Australian Law Handbook provides a plain English, practical guide to the law in WA. It outlines the main areas of law the community are likely to encounter in WA and provides information on where to go for more help.

Want to borrow a book from the Curtin Law School, Murray Street campus?

A range of your required texts are held at Curtin Graduate School of Business (CGSB) Library. While they cannot be loaned, they are always accessible if you want to do some pre or post class reading.

To learn more about this library download the Library Services for Curtin Law School, Murray Street campus brochure [PDF, 1.8MB].