Systematic & scoping reviews

Systematic & Scoping Review workshop

Systematic & scoping reviews: Workshop slides [PDF, 717kB]
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Systematic Review Service Charter

This charter outlines what is in scope and out of scope for support provided to Curtin research students and staff conducting a systematic or scoping review:

Oval shape with the words 'In Scope'

  • Guidance on the systematic review process and locating existing systematic reviews
  • Assistance with selection and use of databases & grey literature resources
  • Assistance formulating & structuring the search strategy
  • Reviewing and providing feedback on the search strategy
  • Advice on managing search results
  • Assistance setting up alerts

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  • Running searches
  • Searching grey literature or hand searching
  • Data extraction and collation of results
  • Finding full text content (other than providing advice on the document delivery service)
  • Screening or reviewing articles
  • Use of Systematic Review software


The Curtin University Library provides one-to-one consultations in support of Curtin research students and staff undertaking systematic and scoping reviews. Please refer to the service charter above for services provided. Appointments can be face-to-face or online, and up to one hour long.

Before booking an initial consultation with a librarian, and to allow the librarian to prepare and advise you more effectively, please ensure you:

  • Work through this Systematic Reviews guide to gain an understanding of the SR process.
  • Develop your research question and protocol.
  • Develop an initial search strategy or list of suggested search terms.
  • Consider which databases you want to search.
  • List several key publications that you have already found.

To request a consultation with a librarian, please email:

Undergraduate and honours students –

HDR students and staff – book an expert searching appointment