Strategic publishing

Tips for maximising visibility and publishing impact

  • Choose publications that are indexed in large databases such as Scopus, Web of Science and Proquest.
  • Consider other publication options such as trade journals and professional magazines. These will potentially reach a different audience.
  • Create and manage your academic profiles, especially on open platforms, to improve search results and provide access to your work.
  • Publish Open Access
    • Open Access publications have higher citation and download rates - see SPARC website.
    • You can publish and share much more than just publications - research data and software are also important!
  • Promote and share your publications on social media sites. Twitter is an especially good tool for this as all public tweets can be searched. See the following article for more information:
  • Submit an article about your research to The Conversation.
  • Track your research impact using Altmetrics. This website measures the attention a publication has gathered based on online activities in social media, mainstream media, online reference management tools, policy documents and patents.
    • You can register for the institutional version of Altmetric Explorer.
    • Make sure that whenever you mention your research online, that you use or link to a page that includes your work’s unique identifier, this can be a DOI, arXiv ID or PubMed ID. This assists Altmetrics to track your work.
    • For more information about Altmetrics and looking at alternative measures of impact view the Alternative metrics guide.

How to ensure online attention is tracked by Altmetric: A donut's journey infographic. Altmetrics relies on identifiers. When sharing research online include a link to the journal. Encourage others also link to the journal. Learn more by watching this video: Blog:

Image: Altmetric Tracking Infographic


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