9 Research Impact Things

9 Research Impact Things

The 9 Research Impact Things program is a self-directed learning tool developed for researchers at any stage of their career who want to know more about creating, tracking, evaluating, and demonstrating their engagement i.e. research impact beyond academia. It is important to consider how you generate and demonstrate impact from the beginning of the research process. This program provides information and practical tools to help you get started.

The program consists of 9 Things (topics), each thing has 2 to 3 levels of complexity. While some Things are interlinked, each of the Things is designed to be completed separately, in any order of preference and level of complexity. It’s very flexible, so choose your own adventure!

It is recommended that you also see the Curtin Research EI Toolkit produced the Research Office at Curtin EI Team.

The program is developed by Curtin University Library. Contact ResearchSupport@curtin.edu.au if you have any feedback or questions. If you would like to talk to someone at Curtin about impact pathways, please contact ROC-EI@curtin.edu.au

Research by Nick Youngson CC-BY-SA 3.0