About GRASP Plus

GRASP Plus is a catch-all for everything that does not quite fit anywhere else. More importantly, it is also the team’s attempt to expand the program to include more diverse, fun and broad content and resources that are relevant to HDR students. Please contact if you have any ideas for content, and we’ll add them in!

GRASP Playlist

The GRASP motivational songs playlist, Get this thesis DONE!, is coming along nicely, we have 12 songs so far.

You can sign up for a free Spotify account, or just take the list and listen to it wherever you get your music from.

Get in touch through if you have ideas for songs to add. It could be anything that motivates you to keep working on your research and your thesis, or cheers you up when things are difficult.

Conference poster workshop

Do you wonder what it takes to successfully submit a poster to a conference? How can you convey your research visually pleasing, but also informative and with getting all the important facts across? View the Conference poster: workshop recording [00:56:20] where you will hear conference poster success stories from different presenters and you will be provided with design advice.